The Leads Are Weak!

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Flash back to Alec Baldwin’s classic sales speech in “Glengarry Glen Ross.” Everyone remembers when Jack Lemmon said, “The leads are weak.” That was one of the most brutally tense scenes in movie history, ending with the famous line, “Coffee is for closers.” To be frank and borderline crude here, most of you are pissing your money away. You are totally ineffective and inept with your advertising dollars. I’m told that automotive advertisers spent more than $4 billion on paid search in 2016. Most of that went to Google. From everything I’ve been able to glean, I am going to estimate that another $3 billion was spent on so-called lead providers. That’s $7 billion in pursuit of the Holy Grail, aka the first page of Google search results. Well, I can tell you from experience that most of you flushed that money down the toilet. First of all, if your Google advertising is not on the first page and your prospects are on smartphones — and you know most of them are — it might as well not be there at all. Facebook now represents the best pay-per-click for ROI and cost-effectiveness. Dealers I am working with have had such great success with Facebook they are shifting their AdWords budget to Facebook ads. The landscape is changing fast. Don’t just buy what you’ve always bought just because you always bought it before. We can help and yes…your leads are WEAK!

Brandon Atwood

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